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Selva Selva

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good animation, movie itself was "meh"

You are a very talented animator, there is absolutely no question about that. You have a style that is all your own and you use it very well. I would like to especially commend you on your humans, you capture human movement better than most people. But the subject of the animation was very unentertaining. I am all for abstract animations that have that weird flowing feel to them, but even still I found myself very unsatisfied in the end. The idea of the movie was cool (rock on for slavonic mythology), but I really did find it to be kind of dull. If you were to maybe have not based it on a song, because these kind of song animations are kind of hard to deliver a plot with, then it might have kicked even more ass. But either way keep animating like you are animating because that part is where you shine, but just branch out a little more for ideas and I think you will have yourself a real winner. Go from daily 2nd weekly 4th to the top of list. Rock on man.